The Wunderland Weather Report

It would appear that somewhere out in cyberspace, there's a link to our site that promises you'll find Weather information for any City, State or Zipcode, or Country at

It's a mistake. We here at know nothing about the weather, beyond what we see out our own windows.

The site they're intending to link to is (Notice the similarity in the names? It's an easy enough mistake to make, although it took us months to figure out. Every now and then, we'd get an email from someone, asking why they couldn't find the weather information they were expecting to find at our site, and we couldn't figure out why they had such expectations. And in fact, we still don't know where they're getting that idea, other than just misremembering the URL. (And a special thanks to Renee Tetlow for helping us figure out that much!))

Anyway, if weather information is what you're after, surf along to

But if you like games and stories and cartoons and poems and lots of other neat artistic and entertaining things, then click around a little more before going. We've got a lot of neat stuff here.

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