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Kristin's Aquarius Solitaire


There are 13 locations in the layout for a game of Solitaire Aquarius:


The deck contains 5 Goal cards, 15 Action cards, and 40 Element cards. Shuffle the Element cards and the Goals together, this is your main deck. Shuffle the Action cards, this is your Action Deck. Place each deck face down as shown on the layout.

Deal one card from the main deck onto each of the five main piles. Deal one action card from the Action Deck onto the Action Pile.


Eventually, all of the cards in the main deck will be moved onto the ace slots; the five main piles are used as a staging area.

The first card in each of the ace slots must be a goal card. Goals can be moved into place as soon as they are turned up in the main deck.

Each element card has either one, two, or four different elements on it. The first card placed onto a goal card in the ace slot must be a single panel element card that matches the element on the goal card.

The top card in the action pile determines which element you are permitted to move; you can only move element cards which contain the element shown in this action card, and you must move it onto a card with this same element.

Element cards must be stacked such that at least one quarter quadrant directly overlaps in the same quadrant on both cards for the specific element that you are moving.

Cards can be moved between any of the main piles and the ace piles. Once placed onto an ace pile, it can no longer be moved.

Whenever any of the main piles are empty, fill it in with a card from the main deck.


You can rotate a card around 180° in order to line up the elements.

You can play elements onto any of the ace piles, even if that pile did not start with that particular element's goal, as long as the element you are moving lines up.

If you think this game is too easy, then enforce the rule that each element can only go on the ace pile for that element... and the game gets much more difficult.


Move the cards in the main deck according to the defined Rules of Play. As the game starts, and no goal cards are available in the ace slots, you will build up stacks of cards on the 5 main piles. As goal cards become available, move cards up into these ace slots whenever possible.

When no more cards of the element shown on the current action card can be moved, turn over the next action card and continue.


If you can move all the element cards up onto the goal cards in the ace slots before you run out of action cards... you win.

If the 15 action cards are not enough, flip the action deck and keep going... counting the total number of actions used as your final score.


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