Button Broccoli Rules

an officially-licensed Button Men expansion

We're assuming you already know how to play Button Men. (If you don't, go to the Cheapass Games site.)

Here's how to use Tirade's special abilities:


Turbo Swing Die: The V! die is a Turbo swing die. It can be any size between 6 and 12. After your starting roll, you may change the size of the Turbo swing every time you roll it. Decide on a size first, then roll the new die as usual.

Time And Space Dice: These are the dice in the pyramids. After your starting roll, every time one of the Time And Space dice rolls an odd number, you get to take another turn. If both Time And Space dice come up odd you still only get to take one extra turn.


These rules were hammered out by the Blacksburg Warren (John "Tucker" Taylor, Jay DeLanoy, Emily Frawley, and Adam "The Unpronounceable" Kopczenski) under the supervision of James Ernest.
Button suggested by Joe Kisenwether.
Artwork by Andrew Looney.

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