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Things to do for Chrononauts 3rd Printing

This is basically an internal memo, but I thought people might find it of interest.

Executive Summary

Here the high points of the changes to be made:

File Separation

When last we did this, we had all the card images in one huge file. We need to have individual card files extracted from the card sheet images before we can print again. This is a big, annoying task that inhibits further progress.

Card Corrections

1.) 1918: Change "Jun 28" to "Nov 11"
2.) 1980': Change "Mystery Samatarian" to "Mysterious Hero"
3.) Live Brontosaurus: change "Apatasaurus" to "Apatosaurus"
4.) Lost Ark: Add the "It's Gold!" icon. Also, change BC to BCE.
5.) Get There First and It Never Existed: Add the "or Gadget" notes seen in EAC versions
6.) EAC Inverter Updates: Add "also works for" info to Halt Attack, Prevent Assassination, and Avert Disaster (see EAC Inverter Converter for details)
7.) To all 23 Patch cards, add fine print: "When you play a Patch, draw a card."
8.) Remove 3 of the 4 Restore History cards and 1 of the 2 Fast Forwards. In their place, add (with promo card text removed):

The 4 Promo Card Slots

This section is classified TOP SECRET and still under development.

Box Corrections

Put the patent number of the box. Change 2nd Printing to 3rd Printing. Add price circle and other tweaks included on EAC box.

The Rules

Changing from the little booklet to an EAC-style folded sheet is the biggest change being made to the product. Here's what's required.

Front Side:

1.) Replace the Early American flowchart cover with the original booklet's cover.
2.) In the Setup diagram, change all the years and Time-Index letters as needed.
3.) Replace the UberChrononauts ad with an EAC ad that mentions UberChrono

Back Side:

1.) Change the example cards shown in About Altering the TimeLine from 1770 & 1773 to 1865 and 1868
2.) Change the example ID under About Being a Time Traveler from Steve to Bob Fruitbasket
3.) Replace the text in black box #1 with this: "As a Chrononaut, you might be this guy, Bob. He's from an alternate reality where Lincoln was never assassinated. To get Bob back to his reality, you'll have to go save Abe."
4.) In the next paragraph, change "Sway Voting" to "Prevent Assassination".
5.) Enlarge and rework black box #2 to say this: "But this causes a problem. There's no way Andrew Johnson can get impeached in 1868 if Lincoln is still in office. So this creates what we call a Paradox."
6.) The Warning about 13 paradoxes will need to move, change shape, or shrink, to accomdate these neighboring rewrites.
7.) Replace the text in black box #3 with this: "Later, after a player plays the Patch for this Paradox, we discover that if Lincoln is still alive in 1868, well then, he's the one who gets impeached!"
8.) Shrink the Credits box by 50% and import into it the original game's credits
9.) Make as much room as possible for new sections that follow by massively shrinking (or even eliminating) the LooneyLabs doorway logo (and maybe shrink the Time Repair Agency logo some too)
10.) New section: Temporal Anomalies (briefly explaining the 1945 Nexus and the 1962 UberParadox, as condensed from the original rules)
11.) New section: Questions for Debate (mostly just a pointer to the website)
12.) Add Mona Lisa Switcheroo Part 2