Chrononauts Playtesting Results
Report #1

By Andrew Looney

Part 1: Intro (i.e. WWN July 31, 2000)
Part 2: Things I'm Changing (and why)
Part 3: Things I'm Not Changing (and why not)
Part 4: TimeLine Topics
Part 5: The Color Re-Design
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Part 5: The Color Re-Design

Finally of course, there are the strictly aesthetics issues, key among them being the use of color. The Beta edition features the stark black, white, and red artwork that it does because it was designed specifically for the cheap two-color printing production option that Kristin wrangled up. But the real game will be in full color, and Alison's been redesigning the look of the cards to take advantage of the full spectrum. These are works in progress; soon however, we will decide on final card formats and I'll begin laying out the final card sheets, so get your feedback in soon (or forever hold your tongue).


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