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13 Characters In Search Of A Time Machine

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New for Fall 2001 is Chrononauts: Lost Identities, a pack of 13 new ID cards to add to your Chrononauts deck. The Lost Identities were created by fans as part of a 55-word story writing contest, and these are the winning entries.

And the winning entries are:

  • Angela (Arrested Development)
  • Crazy Joe (Tiki-Hut at the End of the Continuum)
  • Dale (Me, Myself, and I)
  • Herbert (Seeing is Believing)
  • Isaac (Stepping Back in Front of the Gun)
  • Johnson (I joined the Corps for the Glamor...)
  • Mason (I Should Have Looked At His Face)
  • Mojo (A Matter of Priorities)
  • Rufus (All Good Dogs Come Home)
  • Turtle (The Unusual Artifact)
  • Tyberius (The Slingshot Effect)
  • Walter (Even Time Travelers Can't Change Everything)
  • Zane Reenak (At Long Last, The UFOs Arrived)

Each packet of Lost IDs is wrapped in clear plastic. They are sold to retailers in a display box of 20, like you see here...

Each pack also includes one new mission, entitled "The Most Toys".


Other Lost Identities Stuff:

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