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Q: What's New in Chrononauts 1.4?

Andy Looney responded:
"The updates to Chrononauts for Version 1.4 are pretty minor. The most obvious changes are the new box and the new Rulesheet. The box is the standard two-part Looney Labs game box we've been gradually converting everything over to, complete with (for the first time for Chrononauts) a six-unit store display box. The new rulesheet is the biggest we've ever made, features full color, and will hopefully be much easier for people to learn the game from than the original miniature booklet.

Inside it's mostly unchanged, although there are a couple of new cards. The card count has gone from 136 to 140. The cards added aren't all that new: one is just an extra "Restore History", the second is the "Beatles Reunion CD" (previously available as a promo card), and the two cards that are new are both just ideas that have been on Andy's Mysteries of the TimeLine page for years: "Sarah the Triceratops" and the 1945-D Patch, "Tokyo Nuked," which fills out the Nexus for the case in which Hitler was assassinated but the Pearl Harbor and Manhattan Project linchpins are set to True History.

Lastly, I made a few tiny edits, such as adding this clause to the "Articles of Faith" mission "If you are playing UberChrononauts, the Golden Calf may be substituted for any one of the above artifacts." But perhaps most interesting tweak is the addition of the 2001 Linchpin icon to the "Halt Attack" and "Avert Disaster" inverters, thus making the game forward compatible with the new Gore Years expansion.

The Gore Years is a 12 card packet which is being released at the same time as Chrononauts, and it extends the TimeLine from 2000 to 2008. The set includes five new TimeLine cards, three new patches, and three new Identities."

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