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Cosmic Coasters

The Teleportation Combat Game
played with coins on custom bar coasters

  • Each coaster features a gameboard on one side and complete rules on the back
  • Set of 4 feature NASA images of the major moons of Jupiter (Ganymeade, Io, Callisto, and Europa)
  • Each moon also carries a unique special power (Stinging Defense, Teleport Inhibitor, Warning System, and Rapid Transit)
  • Additional Equipment: each player needs a fleet of seven matching tokens (for example, pennies or dimes)
  • Recommended for 2 players, with variations included for 3 or more
  • Playing time: 10-20 minutes
  • Suggested Retail Price: $5

The problem with teleportation is that it's a one-way trip.

You've transported a ship to an enemy planet -- now what? Their teleport pad is under tight control. Looks like you'll have to overwhelm them with sheer numbers and do battle to the death to even send a single ship back home. You'll need cunning, and a good dose of luck to get through this alive -- and don't forget that special power you have up your sleeve...

Sound complicated? Not to worry. You can always just use their entire planet as a place to put your drink.

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