You're dreaming that same dream. You're sitting at the counter of the old City Diner, gazing adoringly at the waitress who never noticed you in high school, the one who went on to marry your best friend's brother. You know that she's about to take your order, and you're trying to find the words to let her know how you really feel. Any moment now, you'll realize that you have no pants.

Four people sit in a booth in the corner. If you looked away from the waitress and noticed them, you might wonder at their presence. You wouldn't recognize any of them. That's because they aren't actually part of your dream. They just came for the $3.00 special.

If Al Amarja is "where nightmares go to breed," it may come as no surprise that conspiracies are struggling to monopolize the nightmare husbandry racket. We present major new source material about the realms of dreams; plus "Morphia Soup," an adventure to introduce your player characters to this uncharted territory.

This adventure appears in Forgotten Lives.

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