Early American Chrononauts

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EAC is a stand-alone expansion for Chrononauts - the card game of time travel.

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What would have happened if the Boston Tea Party had been prevented, or if Paul Revere's midnight riders had been silenced? What if the USA had failed to purchase Louisiana, or if Washington DC hadn't been burned by the British? What if the Battle of New Orleans had been called off, or if the Alamo had been abandoned and razed before the Mexican army surrounded it? What if Maryland had joined the Confederacy... would the South have won the Civil War? All of these questions and many more will be answered when you play Early American Chrononauts!

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What our playtesters are saying:

"One of things that made the original Chrononauts my favorite game is the thought that was put into the interactions between historical events as well as the clever alternate histories. Early American Chrononauts delivers this same level of detail for the events surrounding America's birth and early growing pains. It also manages to include all of the fun and wit of the original while introducing interesting new elements that make it more than a mere sequel. Best of all, EAC can also be combined with the original Chrononauts game into one massive 'UberChrononauts' for a completely new experience."-- Chris Kice

"I'm excited that Early American Chrononauts will soon join Chrononauts on my store shelves. My customers are primarily families and educators, and they crave fun, family-friendly games that are also educational. EAC is one of those games that sneaks the education in when you're not looking."-- Carol Townsend

"American history made simple. You wouldn't think they could have gotten up to so much in less than 300 years -- and then laid it out so British and other non-American players can figure out how it works. This game shows patriotism and awareness of the country's history, but even with this theme it avoids being jingoistic or negative about other nations. It's an informative and dignified celebration of American culture and can only be a worthy addition to the other games from this company."-- Jennifer Waddington in the UK

"Thank you, LooneyLabs, for one of the most enjoyable card games I've played in a long time. This is a great game, full of fun little facts to surprise your friends with. If you've ever sat in history class and wondered "What if...?" then this is the game for you. Plus, when else do you get the chance to acquire that pair of pet dodos you've always wanted?"-- Liza Graham

Articles about the development:

Stock#: LOO-009-EA
ISBN: 1-929780-48-6
MSRP: $20 US

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Early American Chrononauts

Designed by Andrew Looney
Published by Looney Laboratories, Inc.

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