Just Desserts
The Card Game of Serving Sweets
Designed by Andrew Looney

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It's a dessert party, and the players are waiters. Everyone gets a handful of tasty Dessert cards, to be offered to the finicky Guests in attendance at the party. Each Dessert card is marked with one or more of 12 flavor icons, while the Guest cards indicate which kinds of dessert that person finds appealing. Naturally, different people like different flavors, and some party-goers will turn up their noses at desserts which include flavors they dislike. The goal is to be the first to collect a matching trio of satisfied Guests.


Just Desserts is currently a work-in-progress. The full color edition might be released as early as 2007. The black & white Beta-Edition published in 2005 is still available, but the rules have been redesigned repeatedly since then. The search for artists to help do the illustrations is continuing.


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