Big Experiment #8 brought to you by...

Looney Labs: Andy Looney, Kristin Looney, Alison Frane, Robin Vinopal, Carol Townsend, Craig Forbes

Rabbits: Steven Black, Nathan Dilday, Elliot Evans, Jay Forbes, Emily Frawley, Mary Hooker-Myers, Ryan McGuire, Jared Newbold, Lisa Padala, Diane Sudduth, Tucker Taylor, Kimberly Terrill, Shane Tilton

Recycling this year by the convention center! Thanks for all your hard work, 'Becca!

(Are you a Rabbit who wants to help plan Origins? Email your Rabbit URL to Carol and she will add you to the Origins discussion list.)

July 5 to July 8, 2007 at Origins
Columbus Convention Center
400 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Big Experiment #8 at Origins 2007!

Sign up today!

Origins is going to be the best ever. Lots of Events, lots of Rabbits, lots of different things happening, including:

Sign up on the Origins mailing list to get in on the discussion. Check out the chedule for details. And email Carol if you want to help!

Once the event is over we'll be adding more info here … please check back.

How to find our events at the Origins web site...

  1. You must first register for Origins
  2. and then buy a Big Experiment Ribbon
  3. Go to the Origins event sign-up page
  4. Click "Search" and search on "Looney"
  5. All Big Experiment events will be listed in the results.
  6. If you have the ribbon, there will be no charge to add any of these events to your schedule!

See you in Ohio!


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