Mistakes were made.

It happens.

Here are the errors that appear on the Y2K Calendar Shirt, that we know about so far. Let me know if you discover any others.

1.) The British burned DC on August 24 (the Day of Ruin) in 1814, not 1812.
2.) It's Princess Diana (August 30) not Princess Diane.
3.) When a calendar says "First Day of Chanukah", that's really the day after the First Night of Chanukah. Or so I've since discovered. The Chanukah arrow on December 4th should therefore be moved a little to the left (i.e. into the 3rd), and there should be another candle in that menora.
4.) Patriot's Day (April 19) should have patriot spelled correctly.
5.) Jim Henson's name is misspelled on his birthday (September 24).
6.) Kwanzaa is misspelled (December 26).
7.) There's no apostrophe in "Sadie Hawkins Day" (November 6).
8.) The release date for Star Wars Episode 1 was changed from May 21 to May 19.


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