this page is old... the mailing has already happened...
but what is the web if not old out of date pages about things that happened long ago? -Kristin 11/16/03

Guidance on who we want to send this mailing to...

Any time we publish a new game we send out free samples of it to at least a few people... but for the publication of Stoner Fluxx we are working hard to do a much more extensive promotional mailing a few days after the decks hit our warehouse.

If you don't qualify for a free deck, you can always get one the old fashion way and buy one - we have started taking pre-orders at our web site, so you can get yourself in the system to have a deck mailed out to you the same day this mailing goes out (maybe even the day before.) Or better yet - check with your local game store and make sure they have some on order so you can buy one from them as soon as they get them in.

There are four categories of people on this mailing...


If you are a member of the media, and would like to report on this new game - just add yourself to the list!

If you personally know someone, or were once yourself interviewed by someone who you think might be interested in doing a story on Looney Labs and this new game - please get them onto our mailing, and contact them personally and let them know to expect a package from us the last week of November.

If you have your own database of media contacts that you contact about the topic of marijuana reform - please consider sharing your media list with us!

Just saying that you are going to write a review for one of the free gaming web sites (like funagain) is not enough to qualify for a free deck. Sorry. But if you review games on a larger scale, please ask for a copy!


We have listed a handful of names of activists whom we know and would like to send a free copy to just because - so if you see yourself on this list, please provide us with your address!

Although we obviously can not send a free copy out to everyone who is working to fight this war - anyone who represents an organization that is working for drug peace is encouraged to add themselves to the list and send us information about your organization.

We are going to donate $1 from every deck sold to drug peace organizations - so we will soon have a pool of money to work with. We want to start by becoming members of any group that is fighting for this cause.

Please read our Message to the Drug Peace Movement, and consider buying a limited edition signed and numbered uncut sheet to help fund this mailing!


We started this list with all the stores we promised to send a free Fluxx 3.0 deck to through their favorite distributor earlier this year - sorry this took so long - but now you will get both a 3.0 deck AND a Stoner Fluxx deck!

We added all our distributors, and a few more stores who actively buy our games from us directly - but please understand that we put this list together quickly and it does not mean that we don't love you if we don't already have you listed here.

If you sell our games, add your store to this mailing. We would love to send you a house copy of Stoner Fluxx to demo in your store.

Any retail store who wants to start selling our games is also encouraged to add themselves to this mailing. You can buy them from any of our wonderful distributors or direct from Looney Labs.


We have often talked about sending one or another of our games to various famous people in the hopes that they might mention them someplace that would get us some publicity.

We have yet to follow through on this idea... and it's looking like we might not do it this time either, since we are having very little luck tracking down addresses for even the short list of famous people we listed on this mailing.

If you know an address for any of these people, or know how to find one... please let us know. Or suggest someone else who is famous for whom you do have an address!

If you yourself are someone who has an audience who you could tell about this new game and our efforts to fight for drug peace - please add yourself to this mailing. You don't have to be super duper famous - if you can help us get the word out, we want to send you a free copy to review and promote.

Thanks for helping us try to change the world!