UBCon - General Statistics

Total Test Subjects 46
Participants that did not become Test Subjects 9
Total Participants 55
Total Female Test Subjects 12
Total Male Test Subjects 32
Age of Youngest Test Subject 14
Age of Oldest Test Subject 44
Average Test Subject Age 24.8
Total Number of Games Played 73
Total Number of Participants in All Games 296
Average Number of Participants per Game 4.05

UBCon 2004 Rabbit Recap

by Russell Grieshop

The Convention

UBCon is a gaming convention held on the campus of the University of Buffalo, and the Looneys were invited as Guests of Honor! This convention was held in various buildings around the Student Union, and we set up our booth and tables in the Dealer's room. But the exciting news is — UBCon hosted the first Looney Labs Little Experiment!

Volcano at a strange end-of-the-game condition, with all of the caps in a row. Rich (left), another vendor, hung out with us practically the whole time, and Liam (right) is a long-time Rabbit.

UBCon is run by a Student Organization, and Steve Hoffman played a big part in getting us there, helping us, and setting things up for us. At one point in their history UBCon was a much bigger event, hosting as many as 1,600 people, but since then it has languished. The club is doing its best to grow again, and inviting us down hopefully helped increase interest and will be part of them becoming a bigger convention again in the future. But even if it was small (about 300 participants), it was a perfect chance for us to beta-test our Little Experiment concept, and we're happy to report that it was a tremendous success!

UBCon - Games Played

Name # Percent
Are You A Werewolf? 2 2.74%
Aquarius 11 15.07%
Chrononauts 6 8.22%
Cosmic Coasters 12 16.44%
Fluxx 14 19.18%
IceTowers 4 5.48%
Nanofictionary 4 5.48%
Thin Ice 1 1.37%
Volcano 8 10.96%
Zendo 11 15.07%
Total 73 100.00%

Our Wonderful Rabbits and Helpers

We had a lot of help from a great team of Rabbits, including Steve Hoffman, Dave Leonard, Liam Bryan, Liana Olear, Julia Hatamyar and Patrick McAllister. We also met a lot of new proto-Rabbits, and I hope to see them join our Mad Lab Rabbit program soon.

We had help from this team and from the UBCon staff the entire convention. Dave helped us get our backdrop set up (and worked with Alison to make sure that the vendors behind the back drop had beautiful tie-dye to look at!). Steve helped us get more Little Experiment badges printed and cut. James Jennings Wyckoff (the events coordinator) picked me up from the airport and delivered me safely to the convention. I had received a verbal promise of no snow while I was there, but Sunday morning it was snowing, and that complicated matters for my return home — but I made it back safely, despite the scary white stuff that falls from the sky.

The Little Experiment

UBCon - Test Subject State
or Province of Residence

State # Percent
New York 39 84.78%
Maryland 5 10.87%
Ontario 1 2.17%
Florida 1 2.17%

The Little Experiment badge with all stickers affixed, and stars for games won. Held in front is the special promo card, The Star.

The Little Experiment's challenge is to play all nine games: (Fluxx, Chrononauts, Aquarius, Nanofictionary, Cosmic Coasters, IceTowers, Volcano, and Zendo). The first time you play a game, you get a cool little sticker for the game, and when you get all nine stickers, you get a special promo card: The Star (counts as The Sun or The Moon). Also, if you win a game, we had sticky stars we'd put over the game sticker, just for fun and to let people show what games they'd won.

The Little Experiment is a version of what we'll be doing at Origins this year. The Big Experiment will have the same challenge to play all nine games, but will also feature lots of other cool stuff, like seminars, tournaments, crafts, the Big Experiment Lab, the Ice Arena (a 20x20 ft area in our booth in the Main Exhibition halls with constant Giant Pyramids games), and a huge gathering of Rabbits from all over.

First three winners of The Star promo, from left, Steve, Mark and Joseph (winner #1).

UBCon was the first time we've run a bunch of events like this in the middle of the Dealer's room, and in general, most of the vendors seemed to like having us there with them. There was a lot of energy and activity in our area in the center, and having us in the room created a big draw of attendees. It was also lot of fun for the vendors, many of whom spent much of their time playing with us, scooting back to their booths when customers came up. Here's a big Thank You to those vendors who played with us, hung out with us, and generally helped to make us feel very welcome!

Winning the Star

Many of our Little Experiment Test Subjects got very excited about getting all of their stickers. There was a big effort by one group of people to be the first at UBCon (and hence, the first ever!) to win The Star! When we returned to the Little Experiment on Saturday morning, three people had stayed up late into the evening to play enough games to win The Star. They're pictured above in reverse order of their placement:

    Star winners #5 and #6 are Julia Hatamyar, right, and Patrick McAllister.

  1. Joseph Devincenzo (blue shirt)
  2. Mark Barnett (center)
  3. Steve Hoffman (left)

I wasn't able to keep track of everybody who won The Star, but here's a list of people from our Little Experiment data sheets: [after the three listed above] 4. Andrew Schick, 5. Julia Hatamyar and 6. Patrick McAllister (pictured to the right), plus 7. Tiffany Hummer (in that order, if my notes are accurate), and also Liana Olear, Alison Frane, Russell Grieshop, Seth Ruskin, and Mike Biernat.

As with any experiment, we did our best to accumulate data about our test subjects and the games they played. With the compiled statistics we can draw conclusions about our Little Experiment. In one case a test subject didn't want their age recorded, and in two cases the test subjects didn't want their gender recorded, so those counts aren't represented. Sprinkled throughout this recap are samples of some of the data we gathered.

The UBCon staff were all great hosts, and helped us out a lot in countless ways.

Thanks so much for inviting us, and for playing games with us! The Little Experiment at UBCon was a success in every way!

The end of an UberChrononauts game.

UBCon - Miscellanous Facts

Fact # Percent
Number of Chrononauts Games played where everybody lost 1 16.7%
Number of Volcano Games that ended in a tie 1 12.5%
Total Number of AYaW games Russell Played In 1 50%
Total Number of times Russell was the Werewolf 0 0%
Total Number of times Russell was mauled in the first night and was the Seer 1 100%



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