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Local residents have increasingly been adopting a peculiar speech pattern: the addition of the meaningless suffix "wa" to many words. For example, the phrase "This cookie is yummy!" might be spoken as "This cookie is yummy-wa!" or even, in the more advanced cases, as "This cookie-wa is yummy-wa!"

While "wa" is most commonly appended to words that end in an "ee" sound, those afflicted with the Wa Meme will sometimes also add the needed "ee" sound to words that lack such an ending. For example, "chocolate" might be rendered as "chocolate-ee-wa". Reasons for this are as unclear as everything related to the Wa Meme.

Though its roots lie in the Japanese language, the source of the Wa Meme (or "Meme-ee-wa" as its sufferers would have it) has been traced to one Alison Frane. In her defense, Alison had this to say: "Cokee-wa just happened one day... and it was just so right... Soon everything had -wa attached to it. I never dreamed it would be so infectious. I always thought it would just be a personal idiosyncrasy-wa."

But perhaps even more guilty of spreading the Wa Meme is Petra-wa, who drew the official "WA" logo shown here. Just as local speech patterns were starting to resist the Wa Meme, Petra-wa caught it, and Alison had a serious relapse. Others outside the Looney-wa household have since been observed to have contracted the Wa Meme. Unfortunately-wa, Petra-wa (new owner of "The House of Wa") was unavailable for comment-ee-wa.



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