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I saw this quote as someone's sig file, and it made me laugh out loud... there aren't many lexophilic jokes that are that good...
"First they came for the verbs, and I said nothing because verbing weirds language.
Then they arrival for the nouns, and I speech nothing because I no verbs."

-- Peter Ellis, on alt.fan.pratchett


wordlists of various types and stripes:

CL4.org - The Eqsford Dictionary ... an interesting listing of local-to-the-author slang, of general value as well.

Recommended Reading:

The Professor and the Madman, by Simon Winchester
"A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary" Great book -- keep a pad and pencil by you to write down the words you want to look up later!

If you have suggestions for Things, Links/Lists, or Recommended Reading, send them along...

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