1/16/97, 5:30 am

I just had this dream.

In it, something had happened. I don't know remember what. But something happened that caused some Russian guys in a submarine to panic. And they pushed a button that started off a DOOMSDAY MACHINE.

Yeah, that's right. Who else but the Russians would not only build a Doomsday Machine, but would actually USE it at the first sign of trouble? Well, maybe I'm slandering Russians, but that's what someone in my dream said.

So, this Doomsday Machine injects particles into the air. You breath enough of them, and you die. It injects new particles into the air every 4 hours... after about 2 doses, you've had enough.

Now, in the dream, I'm in the military somehow. I don't remember what or why anymore, it was the early part of the dream and it's hazy now (and I just got up in the middle of the night to write this). But I was at some sort of a base that had a bomb shelter sort of thing with its own sealed atmosphere. And me and the other army dudes were discussing all of this, and calculating how long we could live in there (and since we were army dudes, we had the scoop on the Doomsday Device faster than most) but I decided, hell with that, I wanted to spend my final hours with Kristin.

So I rush home.

And we make love.

And then the time of the next particle drop arrives, and we kiss for what we figure is the last time...

... but we don't die.

So now we're thinking, well geez, what do we do now? Maybe it was all a hoax.

So we call up some people, and we start realizing that yes, people are dying. Lots of people are dying. But we find out that my parents are still alive, and so we go over to their place and hang out with them until the next particle drop.

And then, they pass away. But we're still alive. And now we're thinking, what's going on? Why are we living on but everyone else is dying?

And so we wander around suburbia, looking for some other survivors. And we don't find anyway. It's a warm summer night and we're all along in the world.

We find some food to eat, and we build a campfire in the middle of the street and we wonder how long we'll live. And then we see a dog.

And the dog scares us. He's a big dog, and he chases us, but oddly, in a sort of friendly way. And we walk up the street, with this dog half chasing us, half following us, until we get to a building where... we find other people! (I realize something now that I didn't really realize when I was dreaming this... the dog was moving us like a sheepdog moves a herd.)

There's like 30 or 40 of them. They're survivors from all over, who've banded together to build a new world. (At this point, days have gone by and no one is dying anymore) We speculate about why the particles didn't kill us, and we sort of figure that with all the different kinds of people there are, you can't create something that will kill all of them, just something that will kill most of them. And we're all rallied together at like a high school or something, when the attack comes.

Something screeches overhead and hits the ground with a boom not far away. Then it happens again, closer. Some of the other survivors seem to know what this means and scurry for cover, but we stand around saying "What the hell's going on?" Then another survivor grabs my arm and pulls me away towards safety and I make sure Kristin's coming too and we take shelter as best we can against a hillside as more things come smashing overhead. Then one hits really close and we see it's an old pickup truck.

The guy who pulled me explained. "The Russians needed a way to send the particles down here, so the put them into big pieces of junk that are launched every 4 hours. Don't worry - if the particles haven't got you yet, you're immune - but you don't want one of them trucks to hit you!"

After a little while, the barrage stops. And we immediately realize that we must build our new home in a place where incoming stuff can't hit us. Who knew how much longer these attacks would come? Since the objects flew in from orbit going from west to east, we naturally figured that the safest place to be would be at the base of a mountain, on the eastern side.

And then we realized that this is exactly where Boulder Colorado is.

And now, the dream is becoming more like a movie that I'm watching than a dream I'm participating in, because I'm waking up. And I see us trekking across the land, over a span of months because civilization has broken down, and eventually arriving in Boulder, ready to begin our new life, and who should we find has survived? Ellen and Keith!

And then I wake up.

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