The Chamber of Horrors

This is where Andrew Looney stores all of his thoughts about things he hates and/or fears. In one corner is a TV set tuned into a football game. You note that the controls are missing, so that the channel cannot be changed, nor can the volume be turned down. In another corner, you see Kristin lying in a hospital bed. She appears to be extremely ill, or perhaps even dead. In a third corner is a crying baby. Beside it, straining at a leash that looks as if it could break at any second, is a huge, barking dog. In the fourth corner is a doorway. On the other side of the doorway is a little knot of earnest looking people wishing to speak to you about Jesus.

On the walls, you see several vivid paintings depicting the following dreadful situations: a highway clogged with motorists who drive too slowly and who don't use their signal when making a turn, a store jammed with slow-motion shoppers waiting in long lines to be rung up by incompetent, even slower-moving salesclerks, and smokers brazenly lighting up even while sitting in the no-smoking section of a restaurant.

On looking down at the floor, you notice millions of insects scurrying about. Some are small, and some are horribly large.

From here you can go to the Basement, or you can look at the map.

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