Chapter 21 of The Empty City

By Andrew Looney

Torrence was riding the subway towards the Iceland street station, hoping to find The Four at the Saturn Cafe. The subway rumbled along, rocking back and forth, wheels screeching in the darkness.

The subway ground to a halt at the Flaxelton station. Torrence gazed numbly through the window at the underground waiting room. There he saw three people crouched down, doing something on the concrete floor.

Two people got off of the subway here, and one person, a tired looking old man, got on. The doors of the subway squeaked closed. At that instant, Torrence suddenly realized what it was he was looking at. Bert and Dave were playing Icehouse with some kid on the floor of the subway station.

Torrence jumped up with astonishment. He ran to the doors, shouting "Wait! Let me off!"

But by then it was too late. The subway was moving, and Torrence had a final glimpse of Bert and Dave as the train disappeared into the tunnel.

At the next stop, Torrence jumped off and caught another train, heading back towards Flaxelton. It took an agonizingly long time for the other train to arrive, and an even longer time for the train to get back to Flaxelton. At last it did.

Torrence jumped off of the train at the moment the doors opened. He was too late. Bert and Dave were gone.

Copyright © 1991 by Andrew Looney.

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