Chapter 50 of The Empty City

By Andrew Looney

At 11:33 PM, a telephone rang in an apartment on the tenth floor of a high rise on the east side of town, about two blocks north of the Destiny Boulevard subway station. Even though four people were sitting in the apartment, listening to the phone as it rang, not one of them moved to answer it.

After the fourth ring, an answering machine cut in.

"Hi there. Either we ain't home or we're playing Icehouse and therefore will not answer the phone. So leave a message."

After the machine beeped, the Four heard Jim talking to the machine.

"Hey dudes, have any of you seen Bill? He's been acting really strange for the last few weeks, and today he didn't come to work, and his latest contraption is gone, and no one's seen him, so we're starting to get worried. Please give us a call."

Peter played a couple of his pyramids and said, "Maybe he's traveling through time."

Paul nodded and made of grunt of agreement.

Copyright © 1991 by Andrew Looney.

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