Chapter 90 of The Empty City

By Andrew Looney

Peter and Paul were sitting in the kitchen of the Asylum, leaning back on the chairs with their feet up on the table. They had nothing much to do, and didn't feel like hanging around with Bert, since Dave now joined them so rarely, and so they were spending their Sunday afternoon languishing at the Asylum.

Pauline wandered downstairs to get a glass of ice water. She nodded at the Twins, but said nothing.

"Hey, Pauline," said Peter, "If you had a mannequin, what would you do with it?"

Peter had not expected much of a reaction to his casual question, and was amazed at her response. She whirled around at him, eyes wide with excitement. "Why, have you got one?"

Peter squirmed, and admitted that they did.

Pauline shut the refrigerator door and shouted "Wow! Where'd you get it! HOW did you get it? I've always wanted a mannequin! How much you want for it? I'll buy it from you!"

Peter forced her back to the original question. "Why do you want one? What would you do with it?"

Pauline sat down at the table. "I have a couple of ideas. What kind of mannequin is it? Male? Female?"


"Complete body or just the torso?"

"Complete body."

Pauline jumped up again, squealing with excitement. "Oooh! It's perfect! At least loan it to me!"

Peter was becoming impatient to know what Pauline had in mind. "Look, you can have the dang thing if you just let us in on what you'd do with it."

Pauline freaked out. "Really! WOW! OK, you can help with everything! How soon can you get it over here?"

Copyright © 1991 by Andrew Looney.

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