Homeworlds: Andy vs. Russell
PBEM Game 1, Report #5, 1/22/4

Moves 32 - 35
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Russell: I'm moving my medium green from Loverly to Cobalt (to deliver cookies, of course!)

Our bakers have heard the pleas of the people of Cobalt - and the pleas are - Please Send Us Your Tasty Delicious Cookies! We have begun orbital deliveries via our new "Smart Cookie Packaging" technology. We scatter around packets of our Cookies in low planetary orbit, and when somebody on Cobalt feels a twinge of desire for some excellent Cookieage, our sensors detect it, and WHOOSH! Cookies arrive to be happily consumed!

The Tribunal's ships have all greeted us with great joy - in fact, many of your crew members have become quite fond of the superb recreational facilities aboard our Medium Cookie Delivery Vessel. We're trying to convince them not to join our side, but they seem very eager to become part of our vast Cookie Delivery System. What should we do? How could we possibly disappoint them?

Andy: The new orders from the Tribunal are as follows: The large green ship at Paradise is to be dismantled. The parts will be painted yellow and used in the assembly of 3 new ships. The first will be a medium ship, at Cobalt; after this, we will build a pair of large ships, at Paradise.

Russell: Oh oh.... Yep... I missed that completely... wow.

Andy: Excellent! I was hoping it would be a surprise...

Russell: I'm moving my medium flour delivery vessel from Peace to Loverly - the Loverly bakers are completely out of our special blend of Cookie flour.

The people of Cobalt have sent their heartfelt thanks for the personalized delivery of our fantastic Cookies (winners of the Cookie of the Universe Award!). As expected, mass parties were held, and little work was done.

In response, the Tribunal government has apparently built a series of escape vessels, and they are rapidly loading the Tribunal's members, families, belongings, and any other non-Cookie lovers aboard, apparently to seek sanctuary in a Cookie-free zone far, far away. We applaud the Tribunal's decision to simply vacate their stations, which allows for a much more peaceful transition. Cookie deliveries are up 23% in the Tribunal's systems, as a direct result of the abdication.

Andy: Seeing as how you continue to threaten our fleet at Cobalt, we have decided to dismantle our medium yellow ship and use the engines to launch the two small yellow ships at Cobalt off on a new voyage of discovery. They have since arrived at a large, lush green planet, which they have chosen to name Jolly.

First Move of the Game
Andy:1:Homeworld (LGSB, lr)
Russell:2:Homeworld (MYSB, lg) Name (MYSB, "Peace")
Andy:3:Construct (LGSB, sr)
Russell:4:Construct (Peace, sg)
Andy:5:Trade (MYSB,sr,sg) Name (MYSB, "Paradise")
Russell:6:Trade (Peace, sg,sb)
Andy:7:Construct (Paradise, sr)
Russell:8:Construct (Peace, sg
Andy:9:Trade (MYSB,sr,sy)
Russell:10:Construct (Peace, mb)
Andy:11:Discover (Paradise, sg, MB) Name (MB, "Cobalt")
Russell:12:Discover (Peace, mb, LG) Name (LG, "Loverly")
Andy:13:Construct (Paradise, sr)
Andy:15:Trade (Paradise,lr,lb)
Russell:16:Trade (Loverly,mb,my)
Andy:17:Construct (Paradise, sy)
Russell:18:Sacrifice (Peace, lg): Construct (Loverly, mb); Construct (Loverly, lb); Construct (Peace, lb)
Andy:19:Discover (Paradise, sy, MG) Name (MG, "Garden")
Russell:20:Sacrifice (Loverly, mb): Trade (Loverly, lb,lr); Trade (Peace, lb, lg)
Andy:21:Construct (Garden, sy)
Russell:22:Move (Loverly, lr, Garden)
Andy:23:Construct (Garden, my)
Russell:24:Move (Loverly, my, Garden); Catastrophe
Andy:25:Construct (Cobalt, sg)
Russell:26:Sacrifice (Peace, lg): Construct (Loverly, mb); Construct (Loverly, lb); Construct (Peace, lb)
Andy:27:Trade (Paradise, lb, lg)
Russell:28:Sacrifice (Loverly, lb): Trade (Loverly, mb, mg); Trade (Loverly, mb, my); Trade (Peace, lb, lr)
Andy:29: Trade (Cobalt, sg,sy)
Russell:30: Construct (Peace, mb)
Andy:31:Construct (Cobalt, sy)
Russell:32:Move (Loverly, mg, Cobalt)
Andy:33:Sacrifice (Paradise, lg): Construct (Cobalt, my); Construct (Paradise, ly); Construct (Paradise, ly)
Russell:34:Move (Peace, mb, Loverly)
Andy:35:Sacrifice (Cobalt, my): Discover (Cobalt, sy, LG) Name (LG, "Jolly"); Move (Cobalt, sy, Jolly)

Copyright © 2004 by Andrew Looney.

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