Homeworlds: Andy vs. Russell
PBEM Game 1, Report #8, 3/11/4

Move 49: Game Over
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Russell: We've been invited, as guests of honor, to a special convocation of Cookie Bakers to be held on Paradise! Surely, no better sign than this can be found that demonstrates the newfound Peace between our two peoples! We got this really nice invitation, asking us to arrive as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we're not really in position to send the numerous high ranking officials and diplomats and bakers that this event so clearly deserves - but we're scrambling to get a couple of our Envoy Commanders to Paradise as quickly as possible! We're also bringing home a shipload of environmental clean-up specialists, who've been training with our forces in the clean up of Cobalt and Garden. But the best news of all is: we're bringing the Giant Wooden Donkey to Paradise! We've been asked to keep this delivery a secret, but already word is spreading. Soon the Giant Wooden Donkey will be delivered to the people of Paradise, and free rides will be available through the month of Jongstober! Just bring one of the coupons from the inside of the biodegradable Cookie packages - you can freeze it to slow down the automatic degradation of the wrapper. We're thrilled to be invited! Thanks, People of Paradise! We'll be arriving shortly!

Andy: Arrggh!!!! Yup, you got me. There's no way out!

As a final move, I'm sacrificing the large yellow at Paradise to move the 2 small red ships from Shade back to Paradise, there to join with the other small red ship in creating a catastrophe that wipes out the invading large red.

Russell: What?!?! Oh, the humanity! The large red wasn't invading... it was invited! Didn't you get an invitation?

Andy: Unfortunately, this leaves me with no ships remaining in my Homeworld. You have won, sir. Well done!

Russell: I'm afraid that is true - but this has been a great game! I think I'm really starting to understand some parts of this game better - but what an amazingly deep game it is!

Andy: True enough! Well, any final statements?

Russell: Despite the ample evidence to the contrary, our commanders were completely caught by surprise by the piloting errors that resulted in multiple orbital collisions around Paradise. However, there was enough foresight to have completely unloaded our Large Cookie Delivery vessel in preparations for the best Cookie Party ever!

Preliminary reports indicate that the last members of the rogue Tribunal government escaped somehow in their now-missing large cruiser. We wish them the best of luck, and hope they find a more willing planet to rule wherever they end up.

But the most pressing news is - just prior to the collisions caused by the poorly trained Paradise pilots, The Giant Wooden Donkey was delivered and arrived safely on Paradise . So - in celebration of the liberation of Paradise, Giant Wooden Donkey rides will be free for the remainder of the month - and half price for the next several months!

Ride-enhancing Cookies will continue to be provided free of charge.

John Cooper: Hey, fine game! Very exciting from my seat up here in the balcony. I thought Russell's last move was checkmate, but I couldn't be sure.

Russell: I thought so, too - Andy so often pulls a rabbit out of his hat (so to speak)... I'm glad you enjoyed our game!

John: I noticed that Green systems were the trend this game; do you find that this is usually the case, at least in two player games?

Russell: Well, at least a few of those green systems only existed to keep me from getting them as ships - I didn't get to a point where I could easily figure out how to get them back into the stash, at the same time as keeping Andy from getting them. One idea I kept playing with was to use a blue ship to drive him out of the green system (somehow - it was a sketchy plan!), and then sacrificing that blue, leaving the system empty (back into the stash), and then converting another handy ship of the right size.

However, that takes a couple of turns to set up - and I think we were both really pushing each other the whole game - I didn't feel like I had any "hmm, let me just wait and waste this move" sort of situations. I needed every move, or so it seems, to simply keep up with what Andy was doing, and I suspect he felt the same about my moves (perhaps).

I think our format worked out pretty well, too - thanks for the errors you caught. I think this is probably a way that could work in the future if anybody else wanted to try this. I wrote up a longish email (practically the only kind I write, it seems) that explained the syntax - and I did refer back to it from time to time to make sure I was being consistent.


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