Andy Looney's Starship Captain list

Fans of Looney pyramids who know at least 10 games for the system (and who can produce on demand a list of said games, ranked by preferences) are called Starship Captains.

I have resequenced my list from the perspective of how likely I think I am to win these games rather than simply how interested I am in playing them. Among other things, this causes Icehouse to move from the bottom of the list to second place, and sends Treehouse plunging to the end.

Here's my list, current as of March 17, 2011.

  1. Binary Homeworlds
  2. Icehouse
  3. Volcano / Caldera
  4. IceTowers
  5. Martian Chess
  6. RAMbots
  7. Petal Battle
  8. Petri Dish
  9. Zark City
  10. IceDice
  11. Launchpad 23
  12. World War 5
  13. Black ICE
  14. Powerhouse
  15. Sandships
  16. Pharaoh
  17. Martian Coasters
  18. Twin Win
  19. Treehouse

(Unlinked games are currently unpublished.)

Copyright © 2010-2011 by Andrew Looney.

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