The One-of-a-kind Icebreaker video arcade machine



What you see here is the world's only Icebreaker video arcade cabinet. We built it to be the coolest way we could think of to showcase my video game. It's actually the cabinet to an old videogame called Looping (made by VentureLine inc). We gutted it, mounted a new, high quality video monitor where the old screen had been, added several buttons to the control panel (plus a new joystick) and wired it up to the guts of a 3DO control pad. Then we placed an ordinary 3DO Multiplayer inside, and viola! A video arcade machine capable of playing, not just Icebreaker, but any 3DO game! Of course, being the extremists that we are, we also got Lee Moyer to paint beautiful Icebreaker murals on each side and had a sign shop print a custom marquee panel for the front. Pretty cool, huh?

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