What the Critics have said about ICEBREAKER

Here are some selected comments from critics and reviewers of ICEBREAKER:

"One of the best and most unique puzzle games ever made, Icebreaker is the brainchild of Andrew Looney (no, I'm not making his name up), eccentric puzzle game designer who has a penchant for all things pyramid-shaped. Icebreaker is best described as an abstract puzzle/action arcade game in which you control a pyramid, and your objective in each level is to destroy all pyramids on a grid while enemy pyramids stalk you. Revolutionary games always defy adequate description. Probably 1995's most radically different game, Icebreaker is no different. Like Geoff Crammond's classic The Sentinel, Icebreaker defies all attempts at categorizing it, although elements of a puzzle game are most predominant. You have to guide a little pyramid around the screen, shooting and smashing into other pyramids before some "hunter" pyramids catch up to you. Sometimes you fight, and sometimes you lead your pursuers to their demise by tricking them into bottomless pits. One of the most fascinating things about the game is the variety of ways to get rid of enemy pyramids-- just when you think you've discovered them all, you'll find new surprises (and tougher pyramids) waiting on the next level. Easter eggs, hidden cheats, and many surprise items all add to the fun. Success in the game requires the combination of shooting skill, strategy, timing, and a lot of patience. With over 150 levels, fans of action or puzzle games, and just about anyone who enjoys a unique challenge, will be hopelessly addicted for days on end. Two thumbs up, way up!" -- review accompanying downloadable version of complete game at the Underdogs abandonware website, 2004

"This could well end up being the Tetris of the nineties. An incredibly fun puzzle game. I haven't been this addicted to anything since I first discovered girls."

- Chris Gore, VideoGames magazine, August 1995

Named the Best Action-Arcade Game on the "Electronic Games 100" (Games magazine's annual list of the best electronic games on the market): "This insanely addictive game will have you dreaming about predatory pyramids."

- Games Magazine, December 1995

"ICEBREAKER is an easy game to learn, but like every game worth its salt, tough to master. True, the graphics aren't going to win it any awards, but it doesn't need any flash to cover up rotten gameplay like most games out there. Words really fail to describe what a surreal experience it is. I suppose it's just the ultimate testament to pyramid power."

- Gabe Soria, VideoGames magazine, August 1995

"Revolutionary games always defy adequate description. ICEBREAKER, 1995's most radically different game, is no different. Calling it a 3D-action-strategy - puzzle - shooter game burdens it unfairly. 'Tetris for the 90's' doesn't really describe it, and 'different' doesn't go far enough. Like all good games, ICEBREAKER is based on a simple premise. In this case, it's 'destroy all pyramids.' It's amazing how with a few simple animations, they gave so much personality to the mobile pyramids. To successfully play ICEBREAKER requires shooting skill, strategy, timing, and nerves of steel. ICEBREAKER is intense, absorbing, and highly addictive. I recommend it wholeheartedly."

- John Wesley Hardin, Fusion Magazine, November 1995

Listed on Zig-Zag magazine's "Zig-Zag 2wenty-2wo" (their annual list of the top 22 games of the year): "A weird and completely addictive game. A potential classic that'll have you seeing pyramids in your dreams."

- Zig Zag Magazine, November 1995

"A breeze to learn, a joy to play, and truly wicked in the higher levels."

- Electronic Entertainment, September 1995

"You control a pyramid and blast other pyramids. I don't get it."

- Andrew Baran, Electronic Gaming Monthly, September 1995

Winner of "The Best of the Best '95, Best Puzzle Game" from Video Game Advisor.

"Rather than spend months working up some 3D, texture-mapped blast -'em-up which takes a great screen shot, Magnet have done something very different. They've chosen to concentrate on taking a novel, simple game idea and stretching it about as far as you could imagine, in terms of visuals, audio and, most of all, gameplay."

- Stuart Spencer Wynee, 3DO Magazine, Oct/Nov 1995

"I'd rather listen to old Journey records for an hour."

- Tom Ham, The Washington Post, Fast Forward, Oct 1995

"I've seen a lot of strange and unique games in my time, but Panasonic's ICEBREAKER for the 3DO takes the cake. ICEBREAKER is a nifty diversion from your typical video game fare and a game unlike any other you'll find out there on any video game system. If you are set for a unique challenge, this game is definitely one you'll want to check out."

- Folsom Telegraph, September 6, 1995

"Your 10-year-old, locked in the basement with his computer, hasn't come up for days. How can anyone be so consumed by this game in which players battle legions of... cartoon pyramids? You go into the basement, send the child upstairs and try it yourself. Crafty, these pyramids, but you're craftier. Far away, someone is calling your name. (Keep playing.) It's your spouse. (Keep shooting.) Why won't they just leave you alone?"

- Family Life magazine

"For a simple little puzzle game, ICEBREAKER has a lot to offer. It's simple to control, yet there's a lot of challenge and fast paced strategy, and it's insidiously addictive. If you crave a good puzzle game, ICEBREAKER delivers."

- Next Generation, August 1996

You want action and you want strategy? Then chill out with ICEBREAKER . It's one of those rare, completely original games that's also endlessly fascinating. You have to guide a little pyramid around the screen, shooting and smashing into other pyramids before some "hunter" pyramids catch up to you. Sometimes you fight. Sometimes you lead your pursuers to their demise by tricking them into bottomless pits. I know. It all sounds kind of strange. That's because it IS strange, unlike anything you ever played before." (Rating: 5 out of 5 stars)

- PC Computing, August 1996

"For their first game, Magnet Interactive did a brilliant job with an addictive and challenging game. Definitely something you must try out if you like action/puzzle games!"

- http://www.megatoon.com/~t15/issue11/icebreak.htm

"Either the author of this program is severely pissed at Egypt or he is just one totally wacky type of guy."

- Richard Green, Games Domain review

"Icebreaker is an excellent game where you are a Jell-o-like pyramid that has to blow up the red, green, and blue pyramids in a number of ways. But beware of the other pyramids lurking around. They want to keep you from destroying their pyramids. You have to see it to believe it."

- http://www.nwoca.ohio.gov/~bjbaker/Icebreak.html

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