The Future Headquarters of Looney Labs

a manifesto by Andrew Looney
October 28th 2006

As Looney Labs grows from a basement operation to a real corporation, we need to be thinking ahead. When it's time to move out of the standalone office we've set up in a rented attic (which we've already outgrown), where should we build our ultimate corporate headquarters? There are few good reasons to stay where we are, and many reasons to move elsewhere.

On a more personal note, I have lived in the same neighborhood for my entire life (apart from a few extended vacations). I went to the college I grew up next to, and right afterwards I got a job at the same NASA center my Dad had helped start before I was born. I've actually only even lived in 3 places: My parents' house, an apartment of my own (for 3 years), and the house I bought with Kristin in 1989. And while I love my town and I'll miss this house, I'm ready for a change. Overdue, you might say.

So, we've decided to move... but where shall we go? What are we looking for in a new hometown, and what are the dreams we hope to fulfill there? And what happened with the whole idea of moving to Canada? All those questions will be answered in the following sections:

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