Guerilla Creativity

I love getting new business cards. One of the first ones I ever got printed up, back in 1987, was this one:

The Guerilla Artists had struck again. During the night, they had seized a drab office building and hung strange and wonderful oil paintings on the walls. That night, a team of Guerillas took over the Television station, interrupting the regularly scheduled stupidity to broadcast their own videotape: a compelling, yet disturbing drama. Just as the Lobotomized American Proletariat was beginning to stir from their padded easy chairs, a heavily armed Art Police squadron stormed the TV station, hauling many Guerilla Artists off to prison. Despite this show of force, the Guerilla Writers continued their assaults. Since their work was deemed "unsuitable for the needs" of the sanctioned publishers, they delivered their new fiction to the masses in any form they could. They wrote short stories on letters, on furniture, on bathroom walls, and on business cards. The Art Police continued to enforce the laws regulating fashion, creativity, and imaginative thinking, and the Art Criminals took heavy losses, with many of their number being cast into deep dungeons to serve out life sentences. The Art Police gloated over their victories. But in hidden bunkers on the edge of the City, the Guerillas plan their next attack...

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