How Rocky Escaped from Prison

By Andrew Looney

"We've really got you this time, Rocky," said Officer O'Mally. "We've got all the evidence we need to lock you away for that bank robbery."

"That's right," said the judge. "I'm sending you to jail for twenty years."

Two police officers escorted Rocky the Bank Robber to his cell. They pushed him inside, and prepared to lock the heavy steel door. Just then, Rocky pulled out his wallet, and took from it a small yellow card. On one side the words "Community Chest" were printed, and on the other side was a picture of a short, bald man, with wings, flying away from a bird cage, and the words "Get out of jail, free - This card may be kept until needed or sold."

So the officers had to let him go.

This story appears in My Secret World. Copyright © 1985 by Andrew Looney.

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