Pay Day

By Andrew Looney

It was the end of my workday, and I had just been paid, so my pockets were filled with coins. I decided to go shopping.

First, I needed to quell my appetite. I bought a cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee at the Automat. I also bought a chocolate bar from the candy machine and a newspaper from the newspaper machine.

Then I went to the music store. I wanted to get a tape of the new album by the Electric Volcanos, but it didn't seem to have been released at this time. I looked for it in the Rock music vending machine as well as the New Releases machine, but I didn't find it.

So I went to the bookstore. I looked at the books in the Mystery vending machine and the Science Fiction vending machine, but nothing there looked very interesting, so I moved on to a clothing store. I needed a new sweater, since winter was fast approaching. The sweater vending machine contained a very nice maroon one, in my size, but when I put in my coins and pulled the lever, the machine jammed. It ate my money, and wouldn't give it back, despite my repeated cursing and pushing of the "Coin Return" button. I searched in vain for an attendant. Finally I gave up in frustration, and rode the subway back to my high rise apartment building.

This story appears in My Secret World. Copyright © 1985 by Andrew Looney.