Reeanctment? Historical reeacting, or "living history", is the hobby of recreating history by - trying it out yourself! One can read in history books that knights wore heavy armor; it's a whole different thing to run up and down hills wearing the armor yourself.

I participate in reeacting several different periods of history. Soon there will be pages showing some of the different reeactment groups I am a member of:

  • Romans - The Twentieth Legion,
  • Vikings - Markland,
  • Medieval - Markland,
  • Fifteenth Century - Man of Worwick,
  • Maryland Rennaisance Festival,
  • Seventeenth Century - Jamestown Militia,
  • Eighteenth Century - 1st Maryland Regiment,
  • Nineteenth Century - Vintage Dancing.

  • I also organise a yearly Pirate Feast:

    The pirates are here!