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John Montrie

Joe Kubinski, Kathleen Nelson, Nora Lassiter, Jeff Poretsky, Tom Jewell, Eowyn, Robert Becraft, Brandon Brylawski, Ellen Endress(editing), Bruce Mount

Fred Blonder, The Evil Clones, Constantia, the Zen Pirates, The Monday Night Adventurers, Tuesday Night Fyrd, The Dobyn Gang, Chort

Dave Choat, Jane Walker, Lissanna Lake, Lee Moyer, Phil Parsons, Frank Kanach, Constantia, John Montrie, Steve Parke, Richard Thompson, Eric Celarier, Roger Roop, Kathleen Nelson, Ellen Endress, Joe Kubinski, Todd Sudbrink, Mike Campbell, Todd Shearer, Yvonne Brunot, Ann Gerlich, Barry Freeman, Greg Entner, James Losleben, Marlene Bruce

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Vinopal Studios, Sir Speedy of Laurel, Ed & Bob Watts,Leslie Brents
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....with the subjugation of Ko'ol, the Tlisk empire stretched out until it touched all facets of Discovered Space. Faced with such a formidable empire, the smaller empires quickly negotiated alliances of assimilation or trade with the domed cities of Chi Draconis as the political hub, Discovered Space remained relatively calm for the next 52 years.

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