The Last Turn
The last turn can be wild. Many major cards come into play and alliances can shift several times during the turn. As was mentioned in the middle game section, you need to: In addition, you should:

Analysis (Note: If you understand the bullet items above, this section can be skipped.)
Keep in mind who might be willing to help you. One of the very best aspects of Super Nova is that players are rarely powerless. Even players that have no hope of winning, often have Special cards that can alter the course of the game. They will play them. Whether they use them to help you, depends on how nice you've been to them.

It is not unusual for players to ask leading questions such as "Gee, if only I could boost my Economic strength, I would attack Andy." You will be surprised how often someone suggests that "You might have some help if you decided to do that...." Unlike many other cards games, this form of "table talk" is not considered unsporting. You should remember, however, that these "hints" are nonbinding and that the player does not have to help you even if they said they would.

This brings up an interesting point: If you expect to play with these players again, you should almost never lie and rarely bluff. If people don't trust you, they will not help you more than once. Help people that help you and develop a reputation for keeping your word.

Ideally, you have saved stockpile cards throughout the middle game.

In a perfect world, you would go last during the final turn. Special cards get used up by the initial players giving a distinct advantage to the later players in the round. It is for this reason that having Temporal Rift is so valuable during the last turn.

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