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The Adventures of a Truly Remarkable Brain


    Once upon a time, so long ago that if you closed your eyes as tight as you could, you still couldn't picture how long ago it was, there were many animals roaming the Earth, and no electricity.  All the different kinds of animals did their important work of having babies, finding food, and defending their homes with only the help of the tools that their own bodies gave them (teeth and claws, for example), gifts from the Supreme Being at their creation.  This worked pretty well, and kept all the kinds of animals in balance with each other and with whatever it was they ate, which was often each other.

    Very slowly, so slowly that even if you had been there you wouldn't have been able to see it happening, the different kinds of animals developed better tools on their bodies, like bigger claws and teeth.  Because of the slowness of these changes, the Supreme Being had time to grow a place right inside them that told them when it was okay to use their weapons and when it wasn't.  And because the controls were right inside them, the animals were almost always obedient.  So the ever changing weapons they wore like their skin served them well.

    More time passed, and then the Supreme Being tried something new.   He created an animal called a Human which had very weak built-in weapons, along with very weak inner controls for them.  For a while the other animals fell over laughing at this pitiful creature, but then unexpected events began happening.  The Supreme Being had given the Humans something that made up for everything they were missing--a large and powerful Brain.  (The other animals first noticed the Brain when they were being hunted down for food by Humans.)

    The important role of the Brain in their lives led these odd animals to name their own kind "Smart Man," or, after a very long time, "Very Smart Man."  (Humility came hard to these creatures.)  It sometimes seemed to the Humans that they had grown their own Brains all by themselves, just because they thought it would be nice to have them.  It was easy to forget that their Brains were a gift from the Supreme Being, and that He undoubtedly had a plan for how they would use them.

    Unfortunately, besides being low on humility, the Humans were high on headstrongness.  Once their Brains were in place and they had learned how to use them, they felt as if they were on their own and could do whatever they wanted.  Many of them didn't even bother to check in with the Supreme Being to see if they were using the Brain the right way.  They forgot that the plan for the Brain required close cooperation with Him.

    Now, the big beautiful Brain worked out very well for the Humans.   No matter what situation presented itself, the Brain found a solution.  Cold climate?  Wear the skins of other animals.  Hunting a large animal?  Drive it over a cliff.  Fighting another tribe for grazing rights?  Invent a new weapon and change the balance of power.

    Ah, this last area was one at which the Brain excelled.  The Brain thought of new weapons faster and faster, so that there was never enough time for the Supreme Being to build controls for the weapons into the Humans' bodies.  The Brain thought of more and more ingenious weapons until a strange thing happened--it invented a weapon which was able to destroy the entire Earth.

    "How did we ever do this," squeaked the Humans, "And how are we going to get out of this mess?"  The Brain remained very quiet, because it was hiding.

    The Supreme Being decided it was time to have a talk with the Brain.   He said, "I've allowed you a lot of freedom, but now you've overstepped yourself.  Why didn't you ask Me before you made a weapon which could destroy My entire Creation?"  And the Brain replied, "I don't know; I guess I was having fun.  I'd never worked on such an interesting and difficult problem before."


    The Brain whispered, "I didn't know how; all I can do is think."

    The Supreme Being began to quiet down.  So, there was a problem of poor communication and simple ignorance here.  It was a nearly impossible situation, but there was hope.

    He said, "In order to talk with Me, you need to talk with your Heart first.  When your Heart has told you what it knows, then you will be ready to talk with Me.  Now that you have thought your way into such a dangerous weapon, it is more important than it has ever been for you to talk with Me, so I can guide you.   You are like a small child playing with a sharp knife."

    Now the Brain began doing a kind of work which was completely new to it.  Because it was so Remarkable, it was able to find out where to learn more about talking with the Supreme Being.  The Brain presented the new information to the Heart, and together they practiced and prepared.  Then they tried talking with the Supreme Being, and they found it was a great consolation to know that they were not alone in their effort to solve the problem of the terrible weapon the Brain had made.  The Supreme Being cleared their eyes and helped them see how to proceed.

    The Brain learned that the help the Supreme Being gave them was called Grace.  All that was needed to receive this Grace was to ask for it.  It was something new for the Brain, and it took humility, but it was worth it. 

    The Brain and the Heart have continued to talk with the Supreme Being up to this very day.  And not surprisingly, their favorite song is "Amazing Grace," which they sing in two-part harmony.


The End



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