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Here are the business cards of some fine folks whom I have done business with that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for any of these same kind of services.

Ed Krosel / EEE Construction

If you live in the Washington DC metro area and are looking for a good general contractor... this guy is great! He lives in our neighborhood, and has been doing random construction and repair jobs for us for years. He just finished putting stairs and a rough floor into our attic (so we can move boxes around to make space downstairs for Contagious Dreams inventory storage), and last year he completely remodeled our basement to house the secret underground headquarters of Looney Laboratories, as well as building us this really awesome purple counter in our kitchen. Last month he put up a whole house for someone down the street. If you need someone to build something for you, particularly someone that won't laugh at you when you ask for something a little out of the ordinary, I highly recommend Ed and EEE Construction.

Here is his card...

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