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The Cubes

The Cubes

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So I built the technology in 1998, and for a few months Zarf and I designed a bunch of really cool custom cubes. (Click on any cube for a larger image.)

And then for the next three years I said no to everyone who wrote to me asking if I could make them a custom cube. I just didn't have the time to deal with it - since what was really needed was a good template that could be dowloaded and sent back to me with the artwork all ready to print - and I had no idea what to charge for one, since I had never kept track of how long it takes to make one.

But finally, in early 2001, someone came to me with a cool enough idea that I decided to make the time. They needed 18 identical custom cubes for a node of a giant scavenger puzzle hunt they will be running out in San Francisco next week. I charged them time plus materials for the job, so I was finally able to make all those calculations that I need to do to decide how much to charge for making these things. What did I learn? That I never want to make 24 sets of custom cube stickers in one sitting ever again. Yowza that was a lot of work.

Anyway... I now have prices on custom cubes. Limit 4 per order.

[ Order ] $30 - One set of Custom Cube Stickers ( $30 per cube )
[ Order ] $50 - Two sets of Custom Cube Stickers ( $25 per cube )
[ Order ] $80 - Four sets of Custom Cube Stickers ( $20 per cube )

The artwork can be the same or completely different on each cube.

These prices are for STICKERS ONLY. You have to go buy a cube, take off the old stickers, and put on the new ones. The tape I use is REALLY good - you can't move it again if you get it crooked - so this is a much bigger job than you might imagine. Expect it to take a lot of time. If you don't want to do it, I'm sure that I can find a friend who for $40 would be willing to go buy a cube and assemble it during game night here at Wunderland.Earth. If you are thinking about getting 4 cubes, and want us to build them - let me know and I'll see if anyone wants to bid on the job.

[ Order ] $40 - Full Assembly of stickers onto one cube.

My template isn't perfect, but it works. It's in photoshop, which is really silly, since the template is still huge, even when it's empty. [ You may want to just wait a bit until Kerin is finished with the Illustrator template she is working on making for me. ]

PLEASE DON'T EMAIL ME HUGE FILES WITHOUT WARNING ME FIRST THAT THEY ARE COMING. Better yet, if you have some web space available to you, upload your file to your web site and email the URL to me to download it from.

If you are ready to buy a cube, and I have not yet made those [ Order ] buttons functional, please let me know...

  - Kristin

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