All About Me

I am
too lazy to update my age annually
named after both of my grandmothers
the eighth of nine children
a stay-at-home mom

I live
in a little house on a hillside in rural Maryland
with my talented and versatile husband
and with our beautiful Y2K son
alongside some chickens
pretty contentedly

I worked (in my past life)
as a financial analyst
for a systems integration company
within a large corporation headquartered in Maryland
I really love
my family and friends
fresh air and pretty skies
cozying up to a fire on a cold night
good poetry
this rainbow thing

I don't like
egg nog

I am somewhat frightened by
beasts that sting
religious fanaticism

I absolutely believe in
your right to do with your own body as you see fit
planning for the future and enjoying the present
your right to the fruits of your own labor
your right to defend life and property

 I absolutely do not believe in
Little Green Men

I used to be
an English major
a Democrat

I hope to someday
homeschool my children
build my own home
be a great mom
visit Europe (Did that. Now I want to see California.)

I hope I don't ever have to
work after I'm 50
kill another person
eat bugs to survive

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