The Naab Family
The information on these pages was taken from "Facts and Figures of the Family of Joseph and Catherine Naab and their Journey from Immigration to the Present Time," compiled by Sister M. Clement Naab in 1984. I greatly appreciate Sister Clement's work, as my own children will be descendants of her research subjects, and will learn much from the information she provided.
The Naabs' story has been so well researched by Sister M. Clement that it would really be unjust to include less than the information she presented in her book. (She refers to it as a "brochure," but the volume of information included deserves ranking as a book in my eyes. Also, she photocopied and bound enough copies to distribute to all the members of the Naab clan.)

It is my intention to eventually include most of the material in her book, so please visit this site again if you are interested in the Naab family. Also, anyone who has updated information on any of the families mentioned is welcome to drop me an email. I can't promise to grow the tree indefinitely, but while it's manageable I'll try to be accurate!

  If you're interested, check out this page on Kamenka, the village in Russia from which the Naabs began their trek to the United States. I understand there may be two villages by this name, so I'm assuming this is the right one.

From Sister Clement's Book
Family Tree
Not on line yet, but may be someday.
The Naab Family from the Steppes of Russia to the Plains of Kansas
This narrative is probably far more interesting
to most people than the actual family tree.
Recollections of Some Personal Experiences of the Naab Family
Little bits about the first generation of Naabs in America
in Sister Clement's own words.

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