Charles H. Dickson III at LJoy Studios

Contact Information

Contact Info

Price List

Contact Info

Please email me at:

Or send me a letter at:

9130 Bryant Avenue
Laurel, Maryland, 20723

Sales are currently made only at shows or person-to-person, this avoids having to deal with shipping and makes it possible for you to be sure you like what you are buying. Each piece is signed and numbered. Many are not adjustable, so detailed information on what you might be interested in is essential. Custom work may be commissioned at the prices listed below, and existing pieces may also be modified for the listed modifications fee below. Thank you for your interest! Charles Dickson at LJoy Studios

Price List for Commissions and Services

Commission Prices:
Music Stand$60
Microphone Stand$60
Guitar Stand$45

Delivery (Local to Washington D.C. Area)$30

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