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My excellent pumpkin

Number 12

Photo of me as an Icehouse ref

Hello all and welcome to my most excellent web page! My goal in adding this page to the WTS is to entertain my fellow toasters, and maybe even a small segment of the rest of the Web. I'll endeavor to add something new every week, so keep checking in, or look for any announcements about my pages in The Wunderland Weekly News.

My offerings will fall into two categories: First, original works; artwork, music, photos, or writing that I'm collecting here for self-publication on a scale unimaginable a few years ago. Hopefully, the world's collective yawn won't totally blow me over, but I think you'll enjoy it if you've gotten this far. Second, Stuff I Found On The Web, brought back and held up to the light for your enjoyment. There's a whole underground world of music publication on the Web through a device called "MIDI", and I have a link page or two of my favorites for you to cruise. Also, in commenting on an issue or interest of mine, I'll write some essays filled with links for you to read.

Go directly to the corners of my electronic world by using the navigation bar appearing at the top of this page, or jump down below this section to find out what I've added this week. I'll also be experimenting with time, allowing you to scroll through previous weeks' versions of my pages where appropriate.

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Here is this week's nanofic.

April 22

The sun rose over our folly, lighting it up for all to see. This time we noticed, and were shamed. Some structures were left standing to return gracefully to nature, others were demolished. After a generation the population was brought under control, and there was enough for everybody. Nature and Humanity rejoined.

Haven't produced much of value in my life this week; However, just for you I have new nanofic and nanocrit page updates, and some new f1.7 pictures, also shown below. Well, here's something... I went down to D.C. to see the cherry blossoms this year. Lisa and I went and took some friends to have a japanese-style viewing party (there's a special word for this, but we're such posers that we don't even know it). So some of my new photos are from this trip. Of the 16 held by my camera, a couple had exceptional composition. Another couple are just nice pictures of trees. Then I've got four other new pictures; read on for the caption to each one!

The trees, pedestrians, and monument in the distance. Great composition. Primitive resolution tho.

Spring in D.C. I am particularly proud of the composition of this picture.

Small Spring. Our yard is filled with these tiny flowers, often unnoticed by the people for whom they are underfoot. Although the resolution is still wretched, I got a really good closeup using the snap-on lens for the ol' Quicktake. This has been a really beautiful spring in particular for me, I am happy to report.

Coming Home. This is one of several photos I've taken of things being towed. I am fascinated by the occurance itself, and love the dynamic angles which are formed in each case. The event recorded by this photo is the recovery of my old Escort from *freaking New Jersey* after my freaking wheel bearing exploded coming down the turnpike.

January 2nd. This is a composition picture, a reenactment of an event that really happened to me. On my return from our survivalist camping trip over New Years, I had to pull over the bus to investigate a radiator fluid problem. While we were working on it, I noticed this crazy ceramic ornament by the side of the road. It was very festive, a globe with stars on springs, wrapped in a golden ribbon saying "Happy 2000" and "Welcome 2000". It had been rudely discarded right by where we stopped; I found it in the same broken condition among other litter. The Y2K crisis was over; the abandonment of this ornament seemed a result of the anticlimax, but I picked it up out of the grass and have since glued it back together as well as possible to give it a new beginning.

Twelve Messages. Wow; I love the lush focus and colors on this picture. For you doubters out there; this is what you get when you open the aperature all the way. I've taken dozens of these pictures of life around my apartment. I recently found this one while organizing some pictures for my albums and decided to scan it for my web pages. A technical note: This is a Panasonic answering machine with a *numerical* message indicator, the only one I've ever seen and a boon until it began suffering the typical Panasonic state-relay problems and had to be replaced.


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