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My excellent pumpkin

Number 12

Photo of me as an Icehouse ref

Hello all and welcome to my most excellent web page! My goal in adding this page to the WTS is to entertain my fellow toasters, and maybe even a small segment of the rest of the Web. I'll endeavor to add something new every week, so keep checking in, or look for any announcements about my pages in The Wunderland Weekly News.

My offerings will fall into two categories: First, original works; artwork, music, photos, or writing that I'm collecting here for self-publication on a scale unimaginable a few years ago. Hopefully, the world's collective yawn won't totally blow me over, but I think you'll enjoy it if you've gotten this far. Second, Stuff I Found On The Web, brought back and held up to the light for your enjoyment. There's a whole underground world of music publication on the Web through a device called "MIDI", and I have a link page or two of my favorites for you to cruise. Also, in commenting on an issue or interest of mine, I'll write some essays filled with links for you to read.

Go directly to the corners of my electronic world by using the navigation bar appearing at the top of this page, or jump down below this section to find out what I've added this week. I'll also be experimenting with time, allowing you to scroll through previous weeks' versions of my pages where appropriate.

What's New

Number12's Web Comics Picks

Here is this week's nanofic.

Swift Justice

Usually when a mosquito gets into my house, I get bitten at night. Last night though, I was eaten alive. When I woke up, it was there by the alarm clock. It seemed to be looking at me. Vengefully I squashed it. It wasn't until later I realized that the bites spelled a word: "Help."

Well, no new art this week, so here's a TV show recommendation: "Sabrina The Teenage Witch". I make every effort to catch this show; I'm surprised I haven't mentioned it before. Now, some of you may have heard of this show, some of you may even have seen it. You may think it's for a different audience than yourself (kids), you may think, as someone recently told me, that "it's stupid". Well, it is based on an Archie comic! But that's not the reason to see this show. It's the cat! Salem the cat is the talking animal character, a former wizard who is being punished by having to live as a cat; he can talk to the main characters but has to be quiet around everyone else. What's cool about Salem is how they did him. There's no fancy computer graphics here, he's obviously a puppet. Usually his feet never move; you can see where the hand comes up from some piece of furnature. But aside from that, he's pretty realistic looking, and amazingly expressive. Whoever operates Salem is a master; I haven't seen such convincing puppetry since The Muppet Show. And, usually once or twice a show they'll sub in a real cat whenever he is shown moving around; yay! The other cool thing about Salem is his personality and voice. He's hilarious! He's so self absorbed and megalomaniacal, and the the voice itself just sounds funny. The cat rules! Run to your VCRs and program it in now! Most friday nights at 9PM on ABC (7 locally).

The show has a few other things to recommend it also, really. Sure there's usually a moral attached to each show, but they're also usually pretty glib about it; I don't think they're actually trying to fool anybody. Secondly, Melissa Joan Hart is a babe. Thirdly, there's usually three segments to each show; something Sabrina's doing, something Salem's doing, and something the aunts are doing; I usually like all the aunt segments a lot, many of them involve summoning characters from the past. The pace of all the humor in this show is really quick and boffo; if you're in the mood for just silly laughs you'll like "Sabrina". Ok, nuff said.

In other news, the Pop-Tart Cafe at Balticon totally ruled! Good job folks!


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