Number 12

Hello all and welcome to my most excellent web page, now operating for its first day! Since this is my first web page ever, you may expect all kinds of sophomoric excesses such as BACKGROUND MUSIC!!! (For those of you who have PC's with General MIDI sound capability) (If I can ever get it to autostart properly) "Computer Love" (c) by Kraftwerk, a MIDI arrangement by (MidManiac?). Also, since I'll be damned if I'll use any sissy program to write my html for me, you can expect this page to be sort of lame until I get better at it.

Now, check out the following excellent photos. The first is of me ref'ing at the International Icehouse Tournament. In the second, check out my excellent pumpkin, the one on the right. The excellent pumpkin on the left was carved by the excellent Neva.

Number 12, Icehouse Referee

Charles Dickson's cat pumpkin

Other Kraftwerk MIDI music links

(From the Resonance Underground )
Pocket Calculator [LIVE Mix] (c) 1991 Kling Klang
Computer World 2 (c) 1981 Kling Klang
Tour De France (c) 1983 Kling Klang

(From MidManiac - check out his entire site!)
Computer Love the song you may someday hear when you start this page.

General MIDI files are my discovery of the week, and I am dashing around the Net to find my favorites, condensed here for your enjoyment. I found MIDI files on the Net several months ago when doing a search for Kraftwerk, one of my most favorite groups, but didn't realize that I could play them right on my PC without any additional hardware! Netscape 3.0 has some built-in features for playing General MIDI files, although I suspect that my soundcard and Microsoft's "Media Player (tm)" are doing a lot of the work, too. The sound ain't symphonic, but the authors of these files have gone to a lot of trouble to make the most of General's limited range, and to a fan of the music it's just good to hear it. Unfortunately, it looks like the proper combination of Browser, PC, and sound capability is not as common as it may have looked from my lofty all-the-latest Pentium-powered no-stinkin-modem deskmonster, but with any luck, you can play these!


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Original Music by Number 12
Show Me Your Bus

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