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Hello all and welcome to my most excellent web page! My goal in adding this page to the WTS is to entertain my fellow toasters, and maybe even a small segment of the rest of the Web. I'll endeavor to add something new every week, so keep checking in, or look for any announcements about my pages in The Wunderland Weekly News.

My offerings will fall into two categories: First, original works; artwork, music, photos, or writing that I'm collecting here for self-publication on a scale unimaginable a few years ago. Hopefully, the world's collective yawn won't totally blow me over, but I think you'll enjoy it if you've gotten this far. Second, Stuff I Found On The Web, brought back and held up to the light for your enjoyment. There's a whole underground world of music publication on the Web through a device called "MIDI", and I have a link page or two of my favorites for you to cruise. Also, in commenting on an issue or interest of mine, I'll write some essays filled with links for you to read.

Go directly to the corners of my electronic world by using the navigation bar appearing at the top of this page, or jump down below this section to find out what I've added this week. I'll also be experimenting with time, allowing you to scroll through previous weeks' versions of my pages where appropriate.

What's New

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Red Meat

Hello all. This Saturday I went to see a swing band The Jive Aces at George Mason University, and man, did they rock! If they are ever in this area again in a similarly sized venue, I'm going again and I'm taking as many of you with me as I can! A week ago, I went to see/dance-to another swing band, Indigo Swing, I had seen previously at the roomy-but-doomed Forrest Glen ballroom. Unfortunately, Nick's is just too small and we were constantly being stepped on and crashed into while trying to dance (don't worry, we gave as good as we got).

Oh hey... we're having another house-cooling party at the Gilder Murray house! Since we don't have any actual news on when the place will be sold, we're having a "Halloween" theme instead; it will be on Friday, October 29th. The flyer is on-line for the first time this year, thanks to Sean; check it out at http://www.smart.net/~snarf/halloween.html. This party also marks Sean's first year in our house (yayyy!).

Here's this week's nanofic:

The Great Escape

Through the walls of the dungeon, the legend of the only prisoner to ever escape spread hope like fire. #53 devised a knife, #62 weakened his chains with stomach acid, the rest stood ready for the planned moment...

It was as they tore apart the body of their hated guard that they discovered his tatoo: #12.

In other news, I cleaned out my clothes drier this week... Basically, I've had this thing for about 10 years, and having been warned by Ann Landers and other helpful unsolicited induviduals that a fire hazard could exist, I pulled it around and unscrewed the back cover, and found it thoroughly coated with lint on the inside. This is an appliance which is designed to get hot! Wow. So I am passing along what I learned to y'all in hopes that I can inspire my fellow toasters to do the same. To further inspire you, here are some digital photos of what I found:

Holy Hell!

Much Better.

Another View:



Man, I love this digital camera. There's no going back for me, now. I'm still working on how to focus it, as you can see. I guess someday I'll have to get a more modern one.


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