Number 12

Hello all and welcome to my most excellent web page, now operating for its second week! For the next several weeks, I will endevour to add something new and entertaining to my pages every Thursday, so I encourage you to drop by and see what's new. In the interests of staying away from the "all about me" style of web page, my primary objective will be entertainment and edification for the WTS community and other friends. I have high standards to achieve to hold a place among the many other fine pages here!

Still working on the BACKGROUND MUSIC. I have not yet found the proper coding which will allow it to start right up when you visit my page. However, please visit my MIDI page and play the links there. If you need to know why or how, I've got information on that as well.

Now, check out the following excellent photos. The first is of me ref'ing at the International Icehouse Tournament. In the second, check out my excellent pumpkin, the one on the right. The excellent pumpkin on the left was carved by the excellent Neva.

Number 12, Icehouse Referee

Charles Dickson's cat pumpkin

New for Week 2:
Play my MIDI links!
(why and how)

Future Links:

The Lisa Joy Adulation Page
Original Music by Number 12
Show Me Your Bus

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