Number 12

Hello all and welcome to my most excellent web page, now operating for its third week! I don't have much new for this week, so I elected not to appear on the "What's New" directory. However, I did check in to add a few more links to my MIDI page. The world of MIDI on the net just keeps getting bigger and bigger for me; it seems that there's a whole MIDI "Ring", and so many pages to explore that I can't keep track of them. But, as I find favorites, I will continue to build up my list. Also got my BACKGROUND MUSIC working. Very exciting. Thanks, Kristin! What you may be hearing about now is the song "Computer Love" (c) by Kraftwerk.

Now, check out the following excellent photos. The first is of me ref'ing at the International Icehouse Tournament. In the second, check out my excellent pumpkin, the one on the right. The excellent pumpkin on the left was carved by the excellent Neva.

Number 12, Icehouse Referee

Charles Dickson's cat pumpkin

New for Week 2:
Play my MIDI links!
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Future Links:

The Lisa Joy Adulation Page
Original Music by Number 12
Show Me Your Bus

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