Number 12

Hello all and welcome to my most excellent web page, now operating for its fourth week! In a cheap effort to make my deadline, and to take Kristin up on her offer to eat up her whole disk, I am opening up a photo archive as part of my pages. I really enjoy photography, and make an effort to take shots that make a grander statement than the average kodak momnent. But is it art? Well, I'm not sure. I'd be happy to debate either side of that argument with you to see what conclusions we come up with. I'm calling my archive "f1.7", since that is how I take photos under any condition these days. It started with an unnatural attraction for low-light shots (always hand-held), but under normal conditions now I just crank the shutter speed up. There's something about the effect of a wide aperature photo - I've basically ripped the knob off. There's no fancy links or thumbnails for my archive yet, just the JPEGs and links around the chain, so have fun and enjoy the modest savings in download time. Hope the scan quality is good enough for you, had some problems with it. Here's the first one for you:

Entering Texas


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