Welcome to my Skid Mark on the Information Highway!

German Flag This site is essentially just my links page, a reference ordered by subject, but the persistent internaut will find unique material here.

Web magazines I follow:

bulletSalon Updated each weekday - Commentary & reviews.
bulletSlate Updated daily, although a weekly. Now you must pay.
bulletSuck Healthy sarcasm and amusing graphics with good links.
bulletFeed Daily commentary with good links.
bulletFree! (for Jon Katz)
bulletWord It's Back!
bulletMovie Hell Movie reviews from a North Carolinian.

On-line Journals I follow:

Scott of Vancouver
bulletSunshine, Mud and Rainbows
Dave lives near there, too
bulletSelf-Realization Through Profanity
Oliver Wells, a student in Richmond
...worked for Wired when it was new
Jay from Hawaii
bulletif you want more...
Renee's lists of journal links: facts or by region


Dilbert Tintin
bulletThis Modern World
bulletAction Girl
bulletR. Crumb
bulletToo Much Coffee Man  (weekly sample)
bulletPeanuts ('cause Sparky really showed 'em all how)


Butcher cover
bulletBrian Eno
bulletJoni Mitchell
bulletLaurie Anderson
bulletPsychedelic Archive
bulletThe Ultimate Band List
bulletAll-Music Guide


RedYellowBlue This is a painting by Wassily Kandinsky:
"Red Yellow Blue" Yahoo links
bulletA painting by David Fincham (1955 - 1992)
bulletThe WebMuseum


Web Sites of the great Science Fiction Authors:

bulletRobert Heinlein
bulletArthur C. Clarke
bulletIsaac Asimov
bulletRay Bradbury

...plus the newer guys:
bulletAlfred Bester
bulletLarry Niven
bulletWilliam Gibson

Other Books & Authors:

bulletNevil Shute
bulletBananafish Home (J. D. Salinger)
bulletLiterary Kicks (Beat Writers site)
bulletProject Gutenberg


Ten of the very best movies...
just by chance, all C O L O R
  1. Fahrenheit 451
  2. Cool Hand Luke
  3. Slaughterhouse 5
  4. Badlands
  5. Breaking Away
  6. Bladerunner
  7. The Road Warrior
  8. Repo Man
  9. Map of the Human Heart
  10. The Truman Show

... strange black-and-white film section

Public Radio

bulletJoe Frank FAQ
bulletGarrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion
bulletHarry Shearer's Le Show
bulletWhad'Ya Know? with Michael Feldman
bulletThis American Life

On The Road

bulletMotel Americana
bulletRoute 66 Motels
bulletLonely Planet
bulletCyber Adventures
bulletHoward Johnson's Restaurant Guide
bulletStuckey's Guide

Some theme music for this section (220K .wav file)

Who is Rash?

bulletEnigmatic, Free-Thinking Iconoclast
bulletFinally bought a computer, but he doesn't have a television
bulletLibertarian/Anarchist/Green, world traveler, unrepentent hippie
bulletInfo-Bum of the Cyber-Spaceways!
A "tough-guy" photo snapped on Maui.
He visited the New York World's Fair in 1965.
His cat, Boris, lived in Washington, College Park, Pasadena, Hermosa Beach, Santa Monica, and Kitty Hawk.
bulletEmail to rash@wunderland.com.

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