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1988 Night Soldiers Khristo Stoianev Sascha Vonets, S. Kolb
1991 Dark Star André Szara Abrahamov, Goldman, General Bloch, Nadia Tscherova, de Montefried, Col. Vyborg, Count Polanyi, Lady Angela Hope and Roger Fitzware Sascha Vonet Momo Tsipler & his Wienerwald Companions
1995 The Polish Officer Alexander de Milja Colonel Vyborg, Colonel Broza, Boris Lezhev, Vassily Fedin and Razakavia
1996 The World at Night Jean Casson Louis Fischfang
1999 Red Gold Jean Casson
2000 Kingdom of Shadows Nicholas Morath his uncle, Count Janos Polanyi
2004 Dark Voyage Captain Eric DeHaan S. Kolb, Mr. Brown the Nordendam
2003 Blood of Victory I. A. Serebin Count Polanyi, Marie-Galante, Serge Kubalsky, Ivan Kostyka Ibrahim, Mr. Brown, André Bastien, Boris Ulzhen Momo Tsipler & his Wienerwald Companions + Mottel Motkevich
2006 The Foreign Correspondant Carlo Weisz S. Kolb, Mr. Brown Count Polanyi, Morath, André Szara and Louis Fischfang are all in the Brasserie Heininger scene. Also, Momo Tsipler & his Wienerwald Companions make an appearance
2008 The Spies of Warsaw Jean-Francois Mercier Colonel Bruner, Colonel Vyborg, Anna Szarbek Count Polanyi
2010 Spies of the Balkans Costa Zannis
2012 Mission To Paris Frederic Stahl Count Polanyi
2014 Midnight In Europe Christián Ferrar Max de Lyon, Count Polanyi, S. Kolb, Stavros
2016 A Hero Of France 'Mathieu' Max de Lyon, S. Kolb, Stavros

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