RashYouTube links-log

The East is Red
more scenes from "The East is Red", a song and dance epic
Also, Stalin in Berlin and I Hate You Karl Marx!

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

the finale of "Zabriskie Point" (ZBP dubbed in Italian with Spanish sub-titles)

The Ramens' Sushi How-To

Keep On Dancing

Maeri by the Indian group, Euphoria;
and Ganga Maiya mein Jaab Tak Ne, the mesmerizing video from the banks of the Ganges by Anuradha Paudwal

Lucy Knisley's time-traveling love song, the Last Time

Guys acrobatically hanging off a car on a freeway in Saudi Arabia; and M.I.A Bad Girls

Levi Meeuwenberg, Free Runner

T.H.E Cat

"Cool", live

The Timelords - Doctorin' The Tardis


Kaitenzushi (revolving sushi bar-cams)
The Kaiten-Sushi Experience - people move the camera around
Sushi Conveyor belt
Camera on a sushi belt at night, w/ muzak
sushi boats in san francisco
w/ jazzy Pizzicato 5 music, camera pointed along belt's vector, not in Japan
w/ slow, bad music

the Known Universe from the American Museum of Natural History; and Universe (1960)

The Lathe of Heaven from 1980 (parts 1-12)


Uemura Kana's Toire no Kamisama

Chiho Aoshima's City   Glow

dreamy Vancouver time-lapse

Bergenbanen in Norway and Saarbrücken-Mainz in Deutschland

ISS Cupola - Cady plays her Flute. Also, with Ian A and a tour.
Plus: the Singing Spaceman and another tour, with blues

Whizz Kid by Mott the Hoople

The Age of Steam

"Twenty-Four Eyes" -- the music

Route 66

Frank Black on el Camino

1965 "Time, Forward!": 1   2
and Sviridov in Theodore Ushev's Tower Bawher

My Favorite Year -- the removal business

The kids playing Sweet Child o' Mine and Kashmir

Panorama - California 2000 (1966)

Kowloon Walled City (auf Deutsch)

Windham Hill

Manic Pixie Prostitute

Captain Picard - Make It So

view from the rear, cruising the Miracle Mile in '67

1948 Chicago and 1945 Berlin

High School Madness

Lucky In Love 2

Boz' Nine Pond

"Old Lamps For New"